The Last (Lady) Supper

The Last Supper by Alessandro Citti was just announced as the 2011 National Geographic’s Viewers’ Choice in the People category.

The Last Supper scene is recreated featuring all women.

The photo is captioned “Maybe women weren’t at the Last Supper, but they are certainly going to be at the next one.”

I think it’s a beautiful image and I can’t help but think the Last Supper would have been way more fun with less dudes. But, when this future Last Supper comes around, I sure hope more women of color have a seat at the table.

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  1. Dear Jessie, I am very honored to see my pice of work published and commented here in this blog. It was important for me to pass a message of gendre equality and I opted for a visual identity easily recognizable as an icon worldwide as the last supper is. Happy then of the success in the Photo Contest of National Geographic. I agree with you that to opt for women of any color would have make the message even stronger and more realistic but I live in Italy and the majority of the population here is caucasian and, believe me, by facing such a project with almost no budget and no investors was for me a call for a “work of love” and I was lucky in the end to find 13 people accepting to work in this project just for the glory, unfortunatly no colored women answered to my call but never say never for a new release in the future. :)

    • Thank you for giving us your insight, Alessandro! It’s very cool to hear from the creator of the work. I hadn’t considered that Italy would not have the same demographics as America, so thank you for pointing that out. Again, congratulations on the win :)

  2. Hi – is there any copyright on this image? I’m interested in using it on my charity’s website to promote our ‘supper club’. Thanks. Liz

  3. Brilliant photo by the way!

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